On and Off Base Living

Attention Active Duty!!
Sexual Harassment can lead to rape!
It doesn’t matter who you are being harassed by
All Service Members who lives on and off base, especially in the barracks Must have these Items in order to protect yourself from any further injustice.

  • Security Deposit Box Located off Base – You need this to keep all materials safe and out of site.
  • A digital Recorder that can be plugged into a computer that can transfer all data onto a CD or Flash Drive
  • A Digital Camera so you can take pictures of bruises left by the perpetrator along with three copies of a written statement saying what happened.
  • CDs or a very good Flash Drive that has a lot of memory – You will need to transfer all data from the digital recorder and digital camera on to the CDs or Flash drive so you can keep the storage of both digital device free for new evidence.
  • A Journal to write in every night. – The journal is to tell what happened and how you felt during the course of the day.  It can be a notebook or a composition book. At the end of every week You must make three copies of each page and keep those in a labeled folder that says Journal just in case something happens, the copies of your journal is safe and sound.
  • Make 3 copies of each: medical records, counsel sheets and anything pertaining to you. Inform the person it is your right to have a copy of the documents but it is your responsibility to make 3 sets for you. The reason why you are making 3 copies = 1 copy for you (or family), 1 copy for your lawyer and one copy for your doctor or therapist.
  • A prepaid cell phone for emergencies.
  • Folders with Labels for each medical records, counsel sheets, and journals. It is very important to keep everything organized. I suggest you buy 3 folders that have 3 slots, again in each folder that has three slots you will have one copy for you (or family) in one slot, one copy for a lawyer in the next slot and one copy for your doctor or therapist in the last slot.

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