Fatigues Clothesline is back and better than ever!

Fatigues Clothesline is back and better than ever. I urge those of you who want to bring FC to your area to contact me so we can plan an event. As a reminder, I have custody arrangements which needs to be taken into great consideration. All I ask, before creating an event to please contact me first so we can plan around my children’s time with me. I have them every other week. I am here to not only help those on their journey of healing but to help empower survivors by sharing my daily struggles with PTSD due to MST. I’m looking forward to starting workshops again. The uniforms in which our survivors create art upon will be displayed at events to help educate our community, raise awareness on our cause and to empower our survivors by being heard. I also want to ask to help spread this message so others who want FC to come to their area can contact me. Thank you in advance. Semper Fi ~ Regina / USMC Veteran / Founder and Director of Fatigues Clothesline

To reach me by email, please go to the tab that reads Contact FC. Thank you