Fatigues Clothesline Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy Workshop
Friday, May 16, 2014 6-8pm

Christian Evers Elementary
School Cafeteria
1715 Richland Hills Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251

Creative Arts Therapist, Salina Loriaux will offer a safe and confidential place from Military Sexual Trauma (MST) survivors to express their trauma through the creative arts using an inside-out military uniform top. Uniform tops completed in this workshop will be displayed at a South Texas Art Therapy Association (STATA) art show for Veterans and MST survivors healing through Art Therapy.

Salina is proud to have Regina Vasquez, founder of Fatigues Clothesline, advocate and fellow MST survivor to share her expertise and work to address this issue.

All military tops will be hung in complete confidentiality while allowing the story of each survivor to be heard. Feel free to bring in your own military top while some will be provided at the workshop.