If California Can Pass SB-1422 So Can Texas!


– An act to add Sections 58 and 470.5 to the Military and Veterans Code, relating to military courts.

“Sexual assault is a serious problem throughout our military,” said Padilla, in a statement. “While Washington debates how to address this crisis, California can lead by example. Victims of sexual assault deserve our support and a respectful and effective justice system.”

“I’m glad California – if we are the first to do this – I’m glad we’re the first. It’s good policy at the state level,” says Darrin Bender, director of government affairs for the California Military Department. “It’s a whole other level of transparency and knowledge.”

The bill governs only members of the department who are operating under the state authority, known as Title 32. Sexual assault cases for these guardsmen and other department employees would automatically be transferred to a civil justice system to oversee, such as a local or county district attorney or federal magistrate. There are on average four such cases per year, Bender says.

If California can pass a bill where the National Guard can go outside to report a rape so can Texas. 

I’m on a mission and already asked a few of my Texan peers to join me on making this happen. Fatigues Clothesline will both educate the public through our survivors stories and ask for those who support taking military rape investigations out of the chain of command to stand with FC.  I am asking you to join me on my quest for change.  I can only imagine the ripple affect when Texas applies the same bill California passed.  Lets do this!